Spotify Playlists

Please note that although our music is released officially by Spotify via SONY and therefore Insideout. As the musicians who created our projects which Spotify has legal agreements to distribute, we would nontheless ask you to consider not using Spotify. The main reason for this is that SPOTIFY via their CEO Daniel Ek have invested 100 Million Euros into weapons technology and this is something that all members of the Tangent and a large consensus of other musicians abhor. Add to that the less important but still significant "rip off" of musicians that Spotify is internationally famed for and that is our case.  To earn UK Minimum wage on Spotify you need 1.6 million plays per month.  This is a total joke.  If you play ALL the music end to end of the files we have shared here (it will take more than a day) we will earn approximately half of one US Dollar CENT  - a coin which has not been minted or legal tender for many years.   

The Epic Playlist

All The Tangent epics that are on Spotify. More than 5 hours of music. Can you meet the challenge?

Shut Up Andy!

A compilation album of Tangent Instrumentals from their whole career.


A compilation album featuring some of the Tangent's more "commercial" stylings!

Fusion Goujons

The Tangent with their Jazz Fusion Hats on - here's a compilation of some of the best.

Prog & Roll

Wanna drive fast and listen to some Tangent. This list's for you!

Calmer Karma

Relax with the Tangent but be ready for the odd explosion.

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