European Tour Blog #1

As is generally known here - The Tangent and Karmakanic are currently vibing up for the Summers End Festival and have already completed a short series of gigs on the EU Mainland. We have had a fantastic time so far and totally enjoyed ourselves through trials tribulations and plain old fashioned "Good Times". We know that more of all of these will lie ahead and we await them with relish. So today here's part one of the story so far - the preparations we made, the things that went wrong and had to be sorted out.. and the coming together (and near falling apart) of Tangekanic...

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The Music and The Message

I have always seen my job as a musician to have several areas of focus. Of course - most obviously - the one where we make a collage of sounds, melodies and rhythms to create a (hopefully) pleasing result is the one where we define that what we do is make MUSIC, rather than say sculpture or painting. If that's the one that defines us, then the lyrical content of our music is one that individualises us within the broader definition - along with the differences in styles, techniques and genres.

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Quietly and with careful thought...

Quietly and with careful thought we decided to be "all in the same place at the same time". 

A planning/press conference/photo session was put together and we successfully all met up yesterday for food, chat, photos, set planning and to welcome Marie Eve to the band. But this is The Tangent. And Fate wasn't just gonna sit back and let that happen without a fight.

We'll start with the minor problems. Be assured - the major one is coming.

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A Few Steps [Video] ...

The Tangent release official YOUTUBE video of their amazing agit-prog epic "A Few Steps Down The Wrong Road", setting a new benchmark for the band and a potential new doorway for the genre as a whole. Official Insideout press statement Below


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Tangent Live 2017

Yes - the band will be playing in the second half of 2017 and one of the highlights of this will be an appearance at the SUMMERS END festival in the UK. The band will once again be playing split shows as The Tangent and also as Karmakanic. The lineup of these bands is as yet to be announced but will for sure include Andy, Jonas and Luke as well as new Tangenteer Marie Eve De Gaultier who also plays with Luke's band Maschine.

Gigs In EUROPE and the USA are now online. Click here!

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The Tangent are pleased to announce PRE-PRE Ordering of their album "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery" due to be recorded in 2017. For those interested in helping support the project - this is a 2 tier crowd funding mechanism and the details are HERE. However, the album will be available at regular pre-order prices later in 2017 so you have the choice to wait. (Not quite) INSTANT GRATIFICATION awaits you - because those who partake in this scheme get access to an hour or so of updating demos of the project so far (five good length songs as of now) and access to these is given as soon as one of us checks our emails.

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