An Introduction to The Tangent

There are of course many ways to hear the band these days. From buying the music as CD, Vinyl or Download, or listening to a pirate copy on Youtube. All ways have advantages and disadvantages, but the only way that actually helps the band with the financial consequences of making music is to buy our CDs or Vinyl. These are around the price of a Pizza and Coke and will last a lifetime.

Anyway, here's an Introduction to The Tangent for all latecomers! You are welcome!

Doctor Livingstone (I Presume) : 2017

SlowRustCover sml

Album: The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery

Released: 2017

GPS Culture : 2006

A place in the queue

Album: A Place in the Queue

Released: 2006

A Crisis in Mid Life : 2008

Not as Good as the Book

Album: Not as Good as the Book

Released: 2008

In Darkest Dreams : 2003

The Music That Died Alone

Album: The Music That Died Alone

Released: 2003

Monsanto : 2013

LEtagere du Travail

Album: L'Étageré du Travail

Released: 2013

Titanic Calls Carpathia : 2011


Album: COMM

Released: 2011

Evening TV (Radio Edit) : 2013

Le Sacre Du Travail

Album: Le Sacre Du Travail

Released: 2013

The Winning Game - Skipping the Distance : 2004

The World That We Drive Through

Album: The World that we Drive Through

Released: 2004